REVIT work plane

The idea of a new add-in came to me at the recent Autodesk Forum in Moscow. I successfully implemented this idea during the breaks at the forum. I just fixed it up a bit and got this result.

This add-in allows you to specify a work plane in one of the three available ways. So let’s consider them more closely.

Add-in is in the tab KartsUP -> Editing. It consists of 2 controls: launching buttons and selection control for choosing the method of constructing the working plane.

First of all, it makes sense to set up the working environment by placing the controls in the quick access panel.

To do this make right-click to bring up the menu and select «Add to the quick access panel».

Open the list of the quick access panel and select «Adapt the quick access panel».

Add a separator between the tools in the dialog box.

Look through all the available plane selection modes.

The first way is to do it through the choice of the plane of the object.

You have to select the element plane, which will be used to create the working plane by activating the tool button.

For clarity turn on the display of the working plane.

The second option suggests a choice of a straight face and a point on the plane.

At first you select the face of the object. Then you have to select another face and pick a point on it.

You get the plane that contains a point and a face as a result.

The last option defines the work plane by three points.

The points are specified as in the previous option: first, choose the plane lies and then pick the point on it.

Thus selecting all three points in this way you’ll get the plane.

We wish you success in your design endeavour! Keep improving your skills!