REVIT Superfilter


Starting with the version under Revit 2017 and later, this add-on is distributed through the License Manager. You need to «buy» the add-on, after downloading and registering (spend 10 out of 30 points that are awarded after registration) by clicking the «Buy» button:

Then, you need to select the Revit version to install the add-on and click «Install / Change»:

You can install the add-on for multiple versions of Revit.

This add-on allows you to extend the functionality of the standard Revit filter with the ability to filter not only by category but also by object type.

What’s new?
Now Super Filter works with all categories of objects, including objects selected in the project manager.
The window is presented in the form of a constantly open window by analogy with the properties window and the project manager. You can place it by analogy with these windows or use it as an additional tab.

The interface is updated both visually and in functionality. You can see the number of objects in each node now. A list of item IDs is also available.
A range of shortcomings was fixed. Now the panel remembers its previous state and does not appear when opening a new document (you need to close the panel using the button on the ribbon in the KartsUp tab). Several conflicts with other add-ins were fixed.
Now in the standard Revit settings window there is a superfilter section for disabling panel mode (the add-in will work through the standard dialog box).
How to work with this add-in

The program interface is a panel in which the selected items are displayed in drop-down lists. Each of the lists can be marked with a checkmark, thereby confirming or refusing the selection of the elements of this list.

The «Update» command completely redefines the categories selected in the panel in accordance with the current selection of items in the Revit workspace.

The «Add» command is similar to the «Update» command but the list of previously marked categories is not cleared, but supplemented in accordance with the current selection of elements in the Revit workspace.

The «Select» command performs the inverse operation and overrides the selection of items in the Revit workspace according to the list of categories marked with checkmarks in the Super Filter panel.

If the Super Filter panel is closed, you can restore it using the Super Filter command on the KartsUP tab in the Revit ribbon.