Voids Manager

The add-on allows MEP-engineers to create tasks for holes into account boundary conditions (minimum distance between holes, indent from the edge of the hole, maximum size of a round hole, etc.). Then, designers and architects receive the task data, using a convenient tabular interface. Main advantages:

  • User friendly task analysis interface
  • Internal mechanism of correspondence between assignment and acceptance
  • Automatically merge overlapping jobs
  • Identification of discrepancies between assignment and acceptance
  • Analyzes data from linked files in any combination
  • Formation of convenient views for viewing tasks.

Tools of add-on make it possible to highlight the task for the hole with the formation of a cropped 3D view. The table also displays the basic data of the job. You can group and sort by them. Checking the geometry for the formation and analysis of tasks occurs in all related files.

The application allows you to reset the interface settings Revit in case of failure.