REVIT Copying Parameters


Starting with the version under Revit 2017 and later, this add-on is distributed through the License Manager. You need to «buy» the add-on, after downloading and registering (spend 10 out of 30 points that are awarded after registration) by clicking the «Buy» button:

Then, you need to select the Revit version to install the add-on and click «Install / Change»:

You can install the add-on for multiple versions of Revit.

This add-on allows you to extend the functionality of the standard Revit filter with the ability to filter not only by category but also by object type.

The standard Revit tool «Comparing type properties», does not always work as desired. In most cases, it transmits the data of the Family Type and some parameters only. This add-on allows to get rid of these difficulties.

What’s new?
Some incorrect representations of the parameters were fixed.
There is an English version (Language depends on the language of version of Revit)
  • What if the family type should be left unchanged, like it was, while most part of the parameters of the entry should be passed?
  • Do you want to control what data to transmit?
  • Do you want to transfer data between different categories?
  • The add-in "Copy Parameters" is intended to assist in all these tasks.
  • Add-in "Copying parameters”
How to work with this add-in:
Locate the «Copy Parameters» button in the «Add-Ins» tab
After pressing this button, specify in the workspace the object, which parameters you want to copy
In the dialog box click the checkboxes for the parameters that you would like to copy
Confirm your choice by clicking on the «Copy Parameters» button
Alternately, select the objects you want to transfer parameters
Press the ESC key to complete the selection process.