License Manager

The functionality of the License Manager is designed to systematize and control applications and Revit add-ons. To install our applications, you need to download and install the License Manager from this website and register, using your email address, first of all.

The basic principles of the License Manager are as follows: after installing the software, the user is given a certain number of points, which are enough to install freeware applications, such as SuperFilter or List Manager. To install applications that are more complex in functionality, you will need to purchase additional points. As of June 2020, the cost of one point is 4 rubles. After purchasing a certain number of points, the user has the opportunity to purchase and install a larger list of applications. Points are also purchased through the License Manager. Points for applications can be returned and other applications installed, however, this can only be done with a certain frequency. There is a trial period for some applications.од.

This addition to Revit allows you to compose a string value from the parameters of an element and write it into another string parameter or the name of a family type.