Remote BIM Management for Your Business

BIM (Building Information Model) is a new approach to projecting that considers a building as a single object, each element of which has parameters and properties affecting each other and the object as a whole. BIM is not a certain software, it's a design technology based not on a planar drawing but on a 3D model of the building. To improve the effectiveness of transition to this technology a highly paid position of BIM-manager should be added to the staff.

Addressing to our company, you’ll get the technological groundwork for implementing BIM equal to the experience of several firms. Note that it will take years to develop your designer to a qualified BIM-manager with skills of our personnel. Moreover, the designer should be directly engaged in designing. It’s better to leave the overseeing of technical aspects and the interconnection of all sections to the professionals. In addition, we support the relevance of the technologies we use in order to develop new innovative technical solutions and offer them to your company. Remote BIM management includes:

Developing Enterprise Standards

The provision of BIM management services should always begin by setting up the Enterprise Standard, which includes:

  • developing of documentation and preparing a set of rules that will coordinate all the working processes of the BIM-project,
  • setting up Rules of Interaction governing the cooperation of the leadership, designers and BIM-managers,
  • regulating the folder structure of the Project,
  • creating templates for various software,
  • formation of the name space (files, families, etc.).

The Enterprise Standard may be modified or complemented over time.

Staff Training

Depending on the staff’s existing expertise, BIM training lasts from two to three months.

It begins one month after the start of the Standard development and includes both design training in Autodesk Revit and work within the Enterprise Standard. Training program consists of lectures and practical sessions. This in-person course consists of face-to-face meetings with the use of presentation materials. Time schedules are contractually agreed.

During training, we’ll teach you to work together in a single Model and to create complex Models (Projects) where the various sections are interconnected. By the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  • create Projects of any level of complexity,
  • simulate roof systems in semi-automatic mode and get documentation and specifications,
  • design reinforcement in semi-automatic mode,
  • create high detail nodes and get documentation on them,
  • create interconnected engineering systems with reviewing for potential collisions and intersections,
  • design the necessary parametric 3D models (of the Revit family).
Setting software for optimization the working processes of the Project (Project Supervision)

Working on the Project in software begins with the start of the Project based on BIM technology. It’s an ongoing process that results in stable work of the following CAD software:

  • Autodesk AutoCad,
  • Autodesk Civil3D,
  • Autodesk Revit,
  • Autodesk Navisworks,
  • ArchiCad,
  • Microsoft Office,
  • Autodesk 3ds Max.

Consulting is possible in the following sections:

  • Architecture
  • Constructions
  • Engineering
  • Master plan

Start of the Project is possible one month after the start of the Training course. The organization of the project work in software includes:

  • Daily remote viewing of the project for compliance with the Enterprise Standard.
  • Discussing and advising on project structure; correcting work processes in the software.
  • Creating the initial structure of folders and files in accordance with the Enterprise Standard and organizing sharing with the user rights allocation.

In addition, as a part of this service, we provide you with specialized software developed by our company. It makes it possible to simplify various working processes. We also carry out automated remote monitoring of designers' actions.

Support counselling of the IT-department

If you are going to integrate BIM in your business, you should clearly understand the role of the IT-department while implementing BIM technologies to your business. We can help you over the whole life cycle of your IT functionality.

Remote administration of the information systems

In the context of the remote administration, we may provide your IT department with technical advice.

It’s optional and implies the following services:

  • improving network security and monitoring on-line behavior of the staff. For example, we can configure special service, which will collect information about visiting websites by all the employees. We can block all unauthorized access to untrusted web-services (for example social network resources, instant messaging etc.). We can provide you with the software for protecting from different threats from the Internet.
  • Registration and supporting the domain name for your organization. We can help you to register a new service, which will be available from the Internet (register and configure A, MX, CNAME, DNS records) using such technologies as SPF and DMARC.
  • Configuring and supporting domain controller. Domain Controller is the main point of your network topology. It provides the centralized digital rights management. You can restrict access for some network nodes. You can do all management tasks with your nodes from one place. It is secure and very simple.
  • Optimization of Enterprise mail services. Free mail services are great, but they have several disadvantages. You cannot change structure of your mail server, add new options to it and, of course, you have plenty of advertisements in all your mailboxes. We provide you with your own mail server with full modern functionality support (like secure remote access to the corporate mailboxes, SPAM-filters, antivirus protection etc.).
  • Reliable data storage. To protect your data from lost, we can provide you with reliable data storage with journaling actions of your employees. It is safe and highly informative.
  • Virtualization technology. To reduce price of your costs for hardware, we can help you to migrate into virtualization technology. How we can do that? Well, we can transform your environment into virtual machines. It can reduce number of physical servers.

We support Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM (Linux Kernel), Oracle VirtualBox, VMWare ESXi.

Other services. We can do much more, for example:

  • Configure all your IP-telephone systems (including IVR-menu, voice recording, etc.)
  • Configure and support DVR,
  • Configure backup systems,
  • Configure L2/L3 network hardware (like Cisco, Mikrotik etc),
  • Develop plan of your network,
  • Configure and support network, monitoring system (like Icinga or Nagios),
  • We can observe your structure in order to find any problems before they cause big troubles.
  • Configure and support 1C: Enterprise (SQL version or file structure version).

Completed projects