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Copying Parameters
The standard Revit tool «Comparing type properties», does not always work as desired. In most cases, it transmits the data of the Family Type and some parameters only. This add-on allows to get rid of these difficulties.
Apartment layout
Программное обеспечение, позволяющее организовать работу с помещениями в Модели, в частности, позволяющее анализировать данные по квартирам.
Sheet manager
This add-in allows you to create albums independent from terms of numbering and to control their interaction.
Work plane
The idea of a new add-in came to me at the recent Autodesk Forum in Moscow. I successfully implemented this idea during the breaks at the forum. I just fixed it up a bit and got this result.
License Manager
This addition to Revit allows you to compose a string value from the parameters of an element and write it into another string parameter or the name of a family type.
Voids Manager
The add-on allows MEP-engineers to create tasks for holes into account boundary conditions (minimum distance between holes, indent from the edge of the hole, maximum size of a round hole, etc.).
This add-on allows you to extend the functionality of the standard Revit filter with the ability to filter not only by category but also by object type.
Данное дополнение позволяет оценить эффективность работы сотрудников и обеспечивает отслеживание изменений в Проекте.

Remote BIM Management for Your Business

BIM (Building Information Model) is a new approach to projecting that considers a building as a single object, each element of which has parameters and properties affecting each other and the object as a whole. BIM is not a certain software, it's a design technology based not on a planar drawing but on a 3D model of the building. To improve the effectiveness of transition to this technology a highly paid position of BIM-manager should be added to the staff.

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Our company is engaged in software development. We doт't limit ourselves to the framework of one industry and try to learn new things. We are closely working on such areas as: databases, 3D views and navigation, development to assist in designing (add-ins for the Revit software product), now. This helps us to upgrade our BIM management services to a new technological level.